Update ticket buyers: All Day I Dream - 2021

Dear Woodstock Family,

As of now, most of you will know that it’s not permitted to organize any events till the 1st of September in the Netherlands. This obviously is a difficult time for Woodstock’69, but also for you. All summer long no sand between your toes, no fresh beers during a lovely sunset, no crazy beach days.. It’s a bizarre time. During this trying period we received a lot of support and kind messages, thank you!

You are receiving this email since you bought 1 or more ticket(s) for All Day I Dream of Wondrous Woodstock.
In this email, you will find info about the new date in 2021 and what this means for you as a ticket holder. This is a new situation for us, but also for our ticket provider Eventix. They’re working around the clock to make all the new changes possible, so we would like to ask you to be patient. Thanks in advance.

Let’s kick-off with the good news. We managed to move the event to 2021.
The new date for All Day I Dream of Wondrous Woodstock is on Sunday the 11th of July, 2021.
Together with the artists involved, we will make sure to go all out for this show.
After the lost summer of 2020, you definitely deserve that!

What does this mean for your ticket(s)?

1) Your tickets are immediately valid for the new date in 2021. This requires no further action from your side. Save your ticket and enjoy later and also support your favorite beach bar in this difficult period.

2) You can convert your ticket into a voucher. You can use this voucher for new events in 2021. Please be aware: our tickets always sell very quickly, so we therefore expect a lot of people to hold on to their tickets. If you’re planning on dancing at Woodstock’69 again in 2021, our advice is to keep your ticket!
If you’re not able to visit one of our events, you can also use this voucher in our restaurant.

Our friends from Eventix work around the clock to realize all the new changes on their platform. They hope to fix this as soon as possible. When it’s released, this option is available via the confirmation email, where you can download your tickets and choose the voucher option. More info soon, we will announce this via our Facebook page.

3) As a last option, it’s possible to ask for a full refund. You can do this easily via the confirmation email, but sadly this option is only possible once the voucher option is finished. Our apologies for this. Since we work with a secured ticket system where barcodes are shared just before the event happens, the process is a bit more difficult.

We ofcourse hope that this is your least favorite option. I’m going to be really honest here, Woodstock’69 stands before one of the most difficult times since we opened our doors 27 years ago and we can use all possible help. So if you want to support us, please hold on to your ticket(s) for 2021.

Thank you for all your patience and love for our beautiful beach spot. We hope to see you back at the beach soon!

Stay safe,

Koene, Steef & team Woodstock’69