General info

– Woodstock’69 is open everyday from 10:00 – 00:00.
– Our kitchen is open from 10:00 – 22:00.
– It is possible to make a reservation for your preferred time (any time possible).
– Your reservation is valid for 2,5 hours. If there isn’t a reservation after your initial 2,5 hours, it’s possible to keep your table till until further notice.
– We charge € 5,- p table for the use of our toilets and extra hygiene measures
– While making your reservation and upon arrival at the venue, we’re obliged to ask you and/or your companions if you have any cold- or flu symptoms.
Please stay at home if you have those symptoms and cancel your reservation on time by calling +31 6 27399209.

– Make sure you and your companions stick to the guidelines from the RIVM and the 1,5m rule at all time.
– If you or one of your companions isn’t able to follow these guidelines, we will give 1 warning.
If you’re not compliant after the first warning, we will be forced to ask you and your companions to leave our pavilion. 

– It’s possible to make a reservation for 6 persons (households only) at a table at Woodstock’69.
Do you want to make a reservation for a bigger group and are you able to prove that your household counts more then 6 members?
This is possible, please send us an email at

– From the 1st of June it’s possible to make a reservation with a maximum of 2 people from different households. Reservations with 3 or more persons will always have to be from the same household.
Be honest, this safes everyone a lot of time. 

– We’re not working with a required deposit upon making your reservation. We expect everyone to show up nicely on time.
We keep your table for 15 minutes after the initial reservation time, after that the reservation becomes invalid.
So make sure to leave on time. It’s always busy on the road to the beach and the parking spots, especially with nice weather.

– The maximum number of guests we can accommodate inside of Woodstock is limited to 30. On the terrace we can accommodate more. All reservations will be placed outside with nice weather.
The first 30 persons who make a reservation will be assured of a spot, also with uncertain weather conditions.
With less good weather we move 30 spots from the terrace to our inside restaurant. Other reservations will not be able to come, we will contact you if this is the case.

– It’s not possible change tables. The spot we give you, is your spot. Please be aware of the sun, protect yourself and bring a warm sweater for in the evening.
Bring a rainjacket with lesser weather conditions. Since we can only accommodate 30 guests inside, we can’t offer shelter during a small rain shower.