Reconstruction Update #4

Looks like all of you are really looking forward to summer, ‘cause how fast did Pleinvrees sell out? Unreal! Good to see you guys are heading into the season full speed ahead.

And speaking of full speed, we ourselves haven’t been sitting still the last couple of weeks either. We are constantly busting our balls on two different locations to get everything done. The rough construction, which I talked about last time, is almost completed which means that the prepped containers are almost ready to be transported to the beach. And on the beach itself there is another team working on constructing and decorating the whole outside area. Such as placing our brand new toilets with a lot more pee capacity then the old ones. Which means less time lost standing in line for the toilet, more time to dance. I say a definite win-win situation!


Our bar team is working really hard with a guy from Heineken to design the best bars to provide you all summer long with cold brewskie’s and other drinks. Our restaurant girls are crossing the country in search for the best tableware, cutlery and glass and the chefs are busy with getting the menu done and testing all the new dishes. In short, we are really looking forward to it all and the pressure is on to get everything ready in time for the opening weekend!

And what a weekend that is promising to be! On Friday we will kick-off with the usual suspect being the one and only Steef, Jurk, Tino and DJ Johan. Saturday live band Gallowstreet will take the stage to rock our foundations. This 10-man brass band from Amsterdam turns even the most rigid rake into a true dancing queen.

And our old friends Hunee and Gerd Janson will headline opening Sunday. These familiar faces will both play an extended set to blast our renewed venue straight into summer! You gotta be there to live it! So don’t wait too long with getting your tickets… (Free entrance on Saturday)

We’ll see you then!

PS: Off course we are also looking for some great new pirate staff for next season. Please check out our Facebook page about details.