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Koene Hijlkema 

Visiting address:
Strandpaviljoen Woodstock’69
Zeeweg 94, tent 7 (BL10)
2051 EC, Bloemendaal aan Zee

Mailing address:
V.O.F. Strandpaviljoen Woodstock’69
Postbus 119
2060 AC, Bloemendaal
The Netherlands

Route & parking spots

Are you planning to come by car? Use Google Maps to plan your route to Woodstock69. Upon arrival, you can park in the surrounding parking spots. If you arrive early, you most likely find a parking spot at P1. If you arrive later, you’re most likely to find a spot at P2, but if you’re unlucky it could be that you should look for alternative places to park around the coastline.

Prefer to take public transport? Grab a train to Haarlem Central station. Upon arrival, it’s best to take bus 81 to Zandvoort, which will take you to the stop “Bloemendaal aan Zee”. Check the link for the schedule.


Staying the night

Do you want to spend the night near the beach? Unfortunately, it’s not possible at Woodstock, but it is at our “neighbors”!

Want to camp out in the dunes? Then your best bet is to go to Camping de Lakens, located less than a mile away. If you’re looking for a bit more comfort, Brasss Hotel is the best option!