The Dunes of Babylon

My love,

It’s back. The most beautiful day of 2017 is ready to be repeated in the new year. On Saturday, June 23, you will find yourself at the collaboration of free worlds as The Gardens of Babylon sets out to the Woodstock Bloemendaal beach to once again host:

The Dunes of Babylon

While we all wait for the first three festival created by our family The Gardens of Babylon: The Monastery & Three NeverEnding Nights, we can go back to The Dunes of Babylon.

The Dunes of Babylon
Location: Woodstock Bloemendaal
Time: 12:00 – 23:00


Star struck and bedazzeld by the line up:
☆゚. t.b.a.
☆゚. t.b.a.
☆゚. t.b.a.

There is more…
There is always more…

☆゚. Spiritual program:
On this day you can participate in an extended spiritual program created by our spiritual guide Villia De Koningh and The.Dreaming.

☆゚. The Market of Curiosities
As some of you will trade the Dunes for the Dust in August, we have invited some of the mad designers of Amsterdam on June 17. Time to tune any outfit for any occasion.

☆゚. More information will be online soon…

Today another seed will grow.. Tomorrow it will florish.
Sending love, and love continues,

The Gardens of Babylon

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