Seth Troxler x Gerd Janson [SOLD-OUT]

SUNDAY 18.05.2019
Seth Troxler
Gerd Janson
Up next are two longtime favorites. Seth Troxler‘s last Woodstock performance dates back to 2015, so we’re super happy he’s back for more. His recent sets show he’s definitely bringing his A-game for this one.
Gerd Janson has been with us every year and that comes as no surprise. He’s a brilliant dj and we really just can’t get enough.
Mark the 18th of August cause this one is going to be memorable! It’s also our only bigger Sunday event this month.
Please note: this event is 𝟐𝟏+ only!
Lockers available
Looking for a ride back? Check with our friends from Busje Delen!

zo 18 augustus
at 17:00