Foodstock Live: UMEME + Banana Savannah

Our restaurant Foodstock is known for it’s exotic dishes. But every Wednesday of the season we’re doing some extra special.
Together with our chefs we created a delicious menu and invited some of the finest live musicians to support the evening.

The menu for this edition (€12,50):

Vegetarian burger on a fresh brioche with a creme from shitake, lettuce + tomatoes and topping it all of with the legendary Kimchi kroket! 🌞

We’re back with another Foodstock Live evening! For this session we have two fresh bands who will play our beachvenue for the very first time, it’s:

Banana Savannah

UMEME originates out of the love for analog electronics and African rhythms. Over the course of countless nocturnal jam sessions they found a striking way to fuse these two extremes through acid, house and techno.

UMEME, aka the Swahilian thunderbolt, shows you that a machine can be alive and on fire. Droning out intense rhythms with colorful overlays of synth and percussion. You might think that what you hear has to be robotic, with beats no man should be able to produce himself, but all is live created.
There is no better way to experience this energy then seeing them perform their music live on stage. That is where the magic happens and where they suck you right in to it.

Banana Savannah: Get that funky outfit out of the closet, cause it’s dancing time with Banana Savannah. “Good vibes and positive energy.” That’s what this groovy band is all about. Being influenced by bands such as The Meters, Curtis Mayfield, and Parliament-Funkadelic, it’s easy to hear the 70’s vibe in their music. With a modern day approach to it, they make Funk “fresh”!
Next to their own work they also play classics, which they paint with their unmistakeable Banana Savannah flavour! Come dance!


wo 14 augustus
at 18:00