Foodstock Live closing: The Mauskovic Dance Band x L'Eclair

Our restaurant Foodstock is known for it’s exotic dishes. But every Wednesday of the season we’re doing some extra special.
Together with our chefs we created a delicious menu and invited some of the finest live musicians to support the evening.

The menu for this edition (€12,50):

We’re releasing the menu for this edition soon, keep checking the event 🌞

We didn’t need any time to think about the closing of this years amazing Foodstock Live season. Beyond excited to have The Mauskovic Dance Band and L’Eclair together on stage for a big jam session!!

Both bands are familiar with the Woodstock vibe, the Mauskovic boys actually play the beach every single season. But never before did we experience both bands together on stage. Don’t think we have to mention that it will be impossible to stop moving on the 28th of August!!! So don’t miss it.

The Mauskovic Dance Band is the brainchild of Nicola Mauskovic- Amsterdam based producer and Music maker. Combining elements of Cumbia, Afro-Caribean rhythms, & Psychedelia in equal measure to create a unique hypnotic groove, The Mauskovic Dance Band has become a staple of festival stages and sketchy nightclubs across Europe since 2016.

L’Eclair: Taking their first steps in London as a duo in 2015, Swiss combo L’Éclair expanded the band back in their hometown of Geneva. The result is a sextet inspired by groove and kraut rock of the Seventies.

Together with sound engineer Vincent Hänggi, in 2016 the six-man combo began recording for a debut album. When Cruise Control appeared in 2017, more shows followed including support for White Fence.

A genuine underground groovy scene has emerged in Geneva in recent years featuring acts like Altin Gün and Mauskovic Dance Band. Hearing these bands, L’Éclair became fascinated by their sound, created by Dutch engineer Jasper Geluk (Jacco Gardner/Allah-Lahs). They decided to get in touch directly.

L’Éclair guitarist Stefan Lilov toured Europe in the autumn of 2017 with Jacco Gardner in a special project involving Zambian rock band We Intend To Cause Havoc (W.I.T.C.H). Jasper Geluk joined the tour too. Leading naturally to collaboration with L’Éclair.


wo 28 augustus
at 18:00