Woodstock69 up in flames

Last night (January 18th) a large mayor fire at Camping Bloemendaal destroyed most of the pavilion and the entire inventory of Woodstock69.

The fire started at around 19:00 o’clock on the site where Woodstock is stored in wintertime. It was soon scaled up to a large fire. The fire department did everything in they’re power to save things but unfortunately everything went up in flames. Police and a forensics team are searching the site but for now we can not make any statements about the cause of the fire. Fortunately nobody was injured.

We want to thank everybody very much for all the support, compassion and all help offered. This gives us a huge boost and it’s really heart warming.

What now?
The preparations for the upcoming season were already in full swing and construction was about to begin. The whole team is hard at work to let Woodstock69 arise from their ashes as soon as possible. But unfortunately, due to this setback, we will not be able to meet out opening date at the 25th of March.

We will keep everybody posted about the progress via our blog on the website; woodstock69.nl/blog/

For more info please contact Marloes van Elteren at marloes@woodstock69.nl