Woodstock at BRET

Amsterdam Dance Event usually is a five day long struggle of options and choices. Luckily sometimes the decision is an easy one. When you get an offer you can’t refuse. When you find that one event at that new location, with that intimate atmosphere and that impressive sound system. Where you can let go of packed warehouses and mass music-tourism and just feel the love. You know, one of those nights you will actually remember.

Woodstock is feeling that love with BRET. They have been flirting for some time and getting into bed together is a logical next step. And what a couple they are! They do not only look alike with their container and wood architecture, they also share a passion for the good things in life. Music, Food, Dancing, … That is why, during this year’s ADE, Woodstock will be hosting two nights at BRET.


Wednesday 14th they will kick off the best time of the year with two of Amsterdam’s finest. The two underground legends San Proper and Melon are on the bill and we all know what that means. Two larger than life personalities, two crazy record collections spanning three decades of house music and two friends who know how to work a dancefloor. Both have been playing around the globe and are true ambassadors of the Amsterdam House Music style for more than 20 years. During the earlier hours they will be supported by the Amsterdam based newcomers Bossoyo and Radio Galaxy to provide you with some funky tunes.  

You might want to book a hotel room close to the venue, since you probably do not want to miss the second night either. On thursday 15th Woodstock’s friends from London are coming in. In other words: The Half baked boys are in town. Traditionally this means things are going to be crazy. And as always they will bring a mouthwatering line-up to the table. Fumiya Tanaka, undeniably Japan’s finest DJ and producer and a pioneer in the Japanese house and techno scene is playing an exclusive ADE set at BRET. And he is not coming alone. The British Saoirse will be playing her first ever set in the Netherlands. And if the rumours from across the canal are true, this will be a real treat. This lady has shared the decks with living legends like Ricardo Villalobos, Omar S and Fred P. Need to say more? Actually, yes. We have more. Also, Woodstock’s Daan Donk will be playing accompanied by London based Sam Bangura.

Two days filled with strictly favourites in this amazing venue, with a warm and high quality sound system. And to make these nights even better, you can enjoy delicious dinner beforehand in BRET’s own restaurant. All you have to do is get up and start dancing after dinner. We hope to see you all at BRET to share the love with you. See you on the dancefloor!


Woodstock at BRET with San Proper, Melon, Bossoyo & Radio Galaxy
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Very limited capacity, get your tickets now.

Woodstock & Half Baked with Fumiya Tanaka, SAOIRSE, Daan Donk & Sam Bangura
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Very limited capacity, get your tickets now.