The beach is burning!

You can believe us when we say it: This will be your last dance of the summer. We don't want to dramatize it to much, or make it something to emotional, but the 20th of September will be the last day of summer.
Almost, almost we need to leave the beach and dance inside again. But not quite yet! Let's make it one to remember.

We have something special for you. Carlos Valdes and Sandrien, all day long, summery house guaranteed. Just like that. And to put the cherry on the pie, tickets will be going out for €10,-. Your welcome.

Clearly, this will be a really comfy mess, we all know that. Carlos and Sandrien are both notorious and famous for the long, energetic sets where house and techno gems are banging from ear to ear. With their night “Is Burning”, the gaynight for real music lovers, they set the legendary club Trouw on fire. Nowadays, the Cruquiusgilde is their base of operations and people who experienced a night there, know what happens when these two friends for life share the decks. Long nights, where it does not matter who you are, as long as your prepared to dance your ass of.

As of their busy international schedule, it’s not that often that they can rock the dancefloor together anymore. We’re happy they’re coming to Woodstock to play one of their special sets. 6 hours long, they will play their favorites and making this a already a “Sunday well-spent” if you ask us. See you at the beach, happy faces all over the place!