Reconstruction Update

Boy o boy, what a week! We went from being in full prep for the upcoming season to getting a phone call that the whole place was on fire. You can imagine the range of extreme emotions we have been through....

But as promised here’s the weekly blog update. We strive to post an update every Friday to give you guys the latest news about the progress of the reconstruction.

But first things first. Last week we’ve mainly been concerned with practical matters, that being; how did the fire start (still no conclusion on that one) and are we adequately covered by our insurance (this one looks quite positive). Now we need to make an inventory of what we still have and what is lost. When all this is clear we can make more definite plans to rebuild.

Due to all this administrative hassle we have not yet gotten to answer the huge flow of support and assistance offers. And with huge I mean HUGE flow. Truly incredible! Off course we knew of that the Woodstock “spirit” existed, but that it could lead people to all this, it goes beyond our wildest dreams… When the dust has settled down a bit we will collect all your help offers and will surely answer them.

We have also noticed a huge amount of private initiatives. Varying from a benefit evening to parasol-collection campaigns and crowd funding. We kindly ask of you to keep us informed of all your plans through At this early stage after the fire it requires a certain caution to start money-raising campaigns, as we still have no clue what exactly it is that we need. Not that we don’t appreciate all of your efforts, on the contrary!

Well, that’s all for now. Please come back next week for a new update!

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