Reconstruction Update #3

So, it has been quiet for a while from our side. All the paperwork took way longer then we anticipated on. But luckily our patience and determination has paid off as the first advance payment from the insurance company is a fact and the containers have been ordered! The first day of fieldwork at the beach has also been done so that means we are full throttle heading into the new season! 

The upcoming weeks are now completely dominated by the so-called rough construction, adapting the containers so they can actually function as our new pavilion. This means raising the roofs, getting the walls and electricity in etc. Then the whole lot will be transported to the beach where we are going to put the whole puzzle together. After that we will put al the decoration on, paint a little here and there and put everything back in it’s place. Bars, restaurant, kitchen, toilets, everything…

But in the meanwhile our one and only Steef hasn’t been sitting still. His head is like a barrel where all sorts of ideas are bubbling and simmering away for a long time and sometimes after some distillation time stuff just comes out. It’s magical, really. So here and there ideas are being suggested, readjusted and thrown out. With an army of woodworking gnomes, he is preparing and building the decoration, bars and thinking about the whole appearance of the new Woodstock. How it’s going to look in the end is still a surprise for us as well, but it cannot help to end up being spectacular!

But now something you all have been waiting for. When will we open? You ready? Here it comes: Our GRANDOPENING WEEKEND will start on Friday the 3rd of June! We are going to do our utmost best to give you the greatest opening weekend thus far! And with a little bit of luck the weather will be spectacular as well by that time.

For those of you who cannot wait that long, on the 11th of March we are throwing a party at BRET in Amsterdam. After our brilliant collaboration during ADE we decided to do more together, resulting in a fresh new concept supported by Woodstock, called: likeminded, where Tsepo and Love over Entropy will play. Expect an intimate party with a brand new sound system to give you the great sound one would expect from a Woodstock party.

Thank you all for your very loyal support during the last couple of weeks. It’s truly heart warming. And as always: SEE YOU AT THE BEACH, YIHAA!