Reconstruction Update #2

As you can maybe imagine, having your place gone up in flames brings a long a load of administrative hassle. Which means most of our time is consumed by taking care of that. And we would much rather spend that time on designing a brand new Woodstock!

Fortunately we have someone who is helping us out with all that, and the insurance are doing there very best to take care of business as soon as possible. So everything is on a roll again!

With all that happening and all these people working really hard for us we can completely focus on the reconstruction. As our most famous soccer player Johan Cruyff once said: “Every downside has an upside”. Same goes for us. The “advantage” of having to start a new again is that we can build everything in its most optimal form. The bar, the restaurant, the stage, the lot! So we are working our butts of with pen and paper, wooden blocks and old-fashioned Duplo to build and create a brand new Woodstock!

And of course Steef wouldn’t be Steef is he would not have been busy to scour the countries’ best thrift shops, wholesalers an all sorts of bric-a-brac stores to find the most beautiful and unique stuff. Having his collection of 23-years laid in the ashes doesn’t mean he stops collecting. You can’t take the hording out of the horder, it’s in his blood. So the first pieces of junk have already been harvested and are waiting to be put in to Woodstock and see some sunrays!

All and all, we are in good spirits and we’re bursting with energy to build the most beautiful and impressive beach place of the whole west coast!

Next week we hope to tell you a bit more about our new scheduled opening date. For now that’s still unclear.