From urban desert to a thriving oasis

While arriving at Sloterdijk station it is nearly impossible not to notice a huge, red, kind of Lego-box, which is surrounded by a few big buildings and a lot of open unused space. Unusual, different, perfect. What the hell is that gigantic container doing there?

You may probably remember that we already wrote about it. Yes, of course you do. We are talking about this new special place where we celebrated our ADE adventure last year. The one and only place to drink eat and party with your friends, BRET.

Still no clue what we are talking about? Well, let us start with what happened a few years ago. There was this first idea of having a place where to serve self-brewed beer. The idea was set, the location still had to be found. Everybody knows how hard it is to find a suitable place in Amsterdam, so the founders of BRET needed to have a look at the outskirts of the city, where their dream of building a big beer garden could come true. Sloterdijk was and still is the perfect area to start such a business, so the owners did. Soon, more and more ideas came into their minds and BRET started to serve several beers, self-made lemonade and ice cream from locals, tasty snacks and delicious dishes for dinner. Sound quite good doesn’t it?

BRET works together with local distributers who select the locally and seasonally vegetables, which are used for BRET’s dishes. Not yet impressed? TAKE THIS: BRET is not only unique due to their extraordinary offers; it is unique because they use beer products as ingredients in all of their dishes. So every kind of dish has sort of a beer element, like the sausages with hop, mayonnaise made of grain…therefore, you could also call it the ‘heaven of beer productions’. Good to know: BRET is currently building a roof terrace for their visitors, as they want them to be closer to the sky and of course for having amazing views and conversations during a hot summer night.

Next to BRET, the owners are also working on something even bigger: De Tuin Van BRET. There will be a beautiful vineyard and several buildings made of containers such as BRET, which will be used for creative companies and start-ups. Moreover, as BRETs’ first Craft Beer Festival last year turned to be the second biggest beer festival in the Netherlands (5000 visitors), the creators are planning a ‘Beer Truck Concept’ this summer, where a new beer- brewing era will be born.

Seems like there is nothing missing at BRET right? Well, there is! What about music events? As the owners want ‘everyone to feel home’ at BRET they are hammering out a plan of several events consisting of different music genres. And since you are our loyal fans and friends you should remember the very first collaboration between BRET and Woodstock during last year’s ADE. As this was a great experience, we decided to start the sub-brand of Woodstock called ‘likeminded’, which will have its first night on this Friday, the 11th of March. So, here is our plan for Friday:

After filling our bodies with extraordinary dishes, one or ten self-brewed beers, illuminating our souls with love and catapulting our minds into unknown spheres, we will start our well-deserved journey into a world, where our hearts beat at 122bpm and we lose control over our body.

Come join us!

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