Disco Dolly Afrobeat Special - live

SUNDAY 23/04
Afrobeat Special – live

By the members of Jungle By Night, Gallowstreet and De Band KOFFIE
Mystery Guest
Disco Dolly Soundsystem

This is going to be something very special, for sure.
The members of Jungle by Night, Gallowstreet and Koffie will join forces to do a unique Afrobeat Special. Some Fela Kuti, Orlando Julius, William Onyeabor and many others. A band collective of around 25 of the best Amsterdam has to offer. Oh yes, we said this was special.

As an addition we have a Mystery Guest who shares a deep connection with the guys and the city they’re from. Because of a busy, busy schedule we’re not able to tell who it is, but please believe us that this Mystery Guest and Woodstock are a perfect combo. Like it showed before.

Disco Dolly and the family including the Soundsystem will do the support and the dancing.
Just like you.

Tickets are now live || €12,50

zo 23 april
at 17:00

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