Zeestock Kitesurfing Bloemendaal

We asked our dear colleaque mr. Benn Twyman for some words about one of his biggest passions and his current occupation.. Kiteboarding!

Zeestock has been our in house kitesurf project at Woodstock since 2009 when Ex-Australian freestyle champ Benn Twyman fell in love with our little slice of paradise on the North Sea and decided to stick around and start up Zeestock.

The first few years Zeestock was just a few instructors working out of a little graffiti caravan at the back of Woodstock. Nowadays its hard to miss with its pirate style containership on our Woodstock terrain. We are quite proud that Zeestock has now officially grown into one of Hollands biggest and most popular kitesurf lesson locations. The Woodstock feeling has definitely crossed over and morphed into something very special with our little brother Zeestock!

When the wind blows at Woodstock the kitesurfers takeover and with the right weather conditions you can spot sometimes hundreds of kitesurfers flying along across the sea. Its quite the spectacle, almost like some kind of bizarre alien invasion!

Its not just lessons Zeestock provides, the crew are also happy to give service and a helping hand to anyone that needs it. Sometimes when learning to kite its just nice to know there is someone who is keeping an eye out for you! Along with the great vibe Zeestock offers such facilities as an air compressor pump, hot showers, lockers, weather station, webcam,  BBQ facilities, jacuzzi and of course our delicious on site restaurant at Woodstock

Zeestock is not just a place for lessons its a full kitesurf community and along with Woodstock it has all the ingredients you need to not just have a great time but to embrace a new sport and the lifestyle that goes with it!

Give the crew a call, drop them an email or as they prefer come down to Woodstock to see for yourself what the buzz is about!

Phone: +31 637173984

Email: caravan@woodstock69.nl

or just check www.zeestock.nl 🙂