DJ Harvey

Only a few days from now Harvey Basset, better known as DJ Harvey, will be in the country again to play his first ever showcase at Woodstock. Word on the streets is that he will be spinning records with the charismatic smile we love so much on him. Whoever comes out to attend Harveys gigs neither shows up just to hear him play, nor to just look at him behind the decks. It is the deceivingly easy symphony of record picks, his charming smile and the positive vibes he forces on a whole crowd, that make each and every one of his gigs so unforgettable. Dancing to his music and seeing him play, makes us all want to step up our game and be a little more bon vivant, a little more 70’s, a little more rock star, a little more Harvey.  Like the Rolling Stone once put it “If Keith Richards was a DJ, he’d totally be Harvey”.

Half man, half myth

Who is this DJ Harvey everybody is talking about?

There are more myths attached to this man’s life and career than to any other DJ’s. Some true, most of them, not. But no matter how crazy the rumors, we are seduced to believe them all. Why? Because everything seems possible in this guy’s rollercoaster life. He has mastered the art of editing and his picks in disco, house, garage, space disco and every possible fusion between them are fabled. His record choices usually melt together in warm energetic sets, lasting  several hours in which emotions run wild and the dancefloors sweat out happiness.

This is the man who never wrote an email himself or sends out even a single tweet. Ever. The guy who still refers to women as ‘chicks’; just like the 70’s are still hot and happening. This is also the guy who has a passion for surfing, has released a rock album last year called ‘DJ Harvey’s wildest dreams’ and owns a label called ‘Black Cock’. This is the man whose L.A. based Sarcastic Disco parties are on everybody’s bucket list. It surely isn’t a question if a movie about Harvey’s life is going to be made, but when.

In interviews Harvey seems to be spitting out one liners by the minute and when trying to quote him, one usually ends up with his famous ‘‘You can’t understand my music until you’ve had group sex on ecstasy”. That might pretty much sum it up.

But being a rockstar or not, he never takes his duty lightly and does not only feel in charge of providing excellent music, he considers himself to be an entertainer. The self-proclaimed ‘personality DJ’ truly does give a fuck. He loves it. We love him. And we can’t wait for him to come play at Woodstock on june 28th , against the backdrop of the sea, beaming that place right down disco memory lane.



Kathrin Beck