Dixon & Âme

Almost. It’s almost saturday. It’s almost time for a very special showcase at Woodstock. We have been looking forward to this one for a long time and we can not wait to welcome Dixon and Kristian of DJ duo Âme for their extended 9 hour (!) set at the beach.


We have to admit, we are quite happy that Dixon’s promising football career didn’t work out back in the days, and that he became the legendary DJ and producer he is now. Unlike football players, he has something new to say all the time, through his music, in the clubs across the globe. It never gets boring to hear him entertain and educate the crowd at the same time. Taking them sky high and down the rabbit hole, making their evenings memorable. He sees making music as a craftsmanship and keeps improving his craft. This is probably the secret to his long term success.
He is not a crowd pleaser, but pleases the crowd by playing what hé loves and by being one hundred percent authentic. And for those who haven’t heard. He is multitalented. He is not only DJing, but also running the Innervisions label together with Âme. And he is producing. And he is the vice president of a football club in Germany. And the owner of a Berlin bakery. And a father and a husband. We know. How does he do it?

Saturday, he is not coming alone. Kristian Beyer, better known as one half of Âme is joining him, and together they are two third of Innervisions. But enough about the math. Kristian Beyer has moved from playing deephouse to being more versatile in his DJ sets during the past years.
His style became more experimental and nowadays you find him rock the clubs with magical Dj sets spanning everything from Deephouse to Techno. The duo will perform for the first time ever at Woodstock and knowing the two, we are pretty confident that they will take you on an unforgettable 9 hour journey.

We are looking forward to see you guys saturday at our beloved Woodstock and we can’t wait to see all your happy faces celebrating this one together with us. See you Saturday!